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Stop meditating the wrong way.

This simple ancient technique has been used for centuries by Tibetan monks. Learning it will transform your life.

Have you tried meditating but found it too difficult and gave up?

I have…

When I was building my career as a teacher 

After I gave birth to my first child.

When I first started taking yoga lessons.

I’ve tried it on and off for years and years…. But single time, I failed. My mind simply couldn’t concentrate. I would think about tasks that I needed to do the next day, the commotion coming from the kids’ room, or the last TV show I watched. I’d always try meditating for a few days… and then I’d give up.

You know what I’ve realized today? I’m not alone – not being able to concentrate is the number one reason more people aren’t able to reap the life-changing benefits of meditation. 

But the problem is solvable, surprisingly easily. I learned this during a trip to the Drepung Mountain Monastery in Tibet, where an old monk explained it to me.

It was so simple, I couldn’t believe it.  “Surely there must be more to it?” , I asked, with the aid of my trusty translator Amanda.

Of course.” Replied the monk. “Meditation cannot be mastered in a day, in a year, or even in a lifetime. Those who reach enlightenment do so by practicing meditation over many lifetimes “.

So I’m lost, I thought to myself. Certainly I was never going to master meditation in this lifetime!

But if you are learning as a beginner“,  he continued. “The trick is to give your hands something to concentrate on“. His face formed into a wry smile.

He handed me something I’d seen many times, but never actually used. My very first set of mala beads. It was a simple set, made out of smooth Sandalwood.

The monk placed it in my hand, and taught me how to meditate with it.

Your journey towards the Buddha begins today.

mala beads in two hands

I practiced meditating with the mala the way he taught me that very day, and too my surprise it worked! My mind still wondered now and then, but it was much, much, less than before. My meditation techniques improved in the days and weeks since, and suddenly I found myself looking forward to meditating, something I had never felt before.

The benefits extended to my everyday life as well. I felt more mentally awake and could concentrate better. I felt like I was less stressed about the future and preoccupied with bad memories from the past. For the first time in my life I felt present. My relationship to my partner, to family members and to my kids improved, because I was focused on being in the moment with them.

A simple guide to choosing your mala

Choose your mala carefully

One of the first things I learned about this special type of yoga jewelry is that the materials and quality of the beads really matters. The type of bead used in a mala can subtly support your intentions and maximize the spiritual benefit of the mala. There are many shops selling poor-quality malas made from fake plastic ‘crystals’ – these are best avoided not only because they won’t last, but also because of they lake the spiritual aura of their high-quality genuine counterparts.

The latest celebrity fashion statement?

To my astonishment, in the past few years malas have become more than an aid during meditation, they’ve become the latest jewelry trend amongst more spiritually-minded celebrities – the likes of Julia Roberts and Donna Karan. Because they are so spiritually powerful, malas have made their way into today’s fashion world. They are a way to not only look amazing but to wear your own bliss.

Despite the endorsement from the high-fashion world, large jewelry have not yet responded to release new mala designs. Large jewelry brands like Tiffany and Co, Bvlgari and Cartier release hundreds of jewelry designs, but to my great disappointment not a single one has produced a mala line-up.

Devacrafts to the rescue

My name is Susan, and frustrated by the failure of the big fashion labels to release beautiful, high quality mala designs, I founded a small (as of now) spiritual jewelry brand in Sydney Australia, now known as Devacrafts. Devacrafts has made a splash not only in the world of meditation and spirituality but in the fashion world as well.  One our most popular mala designs is the so-called “Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyancy Mala”, whose quality is all about enhancing intuitive powers and insight. Devacrafts specifically chose the fabled blue stone Lapis Lazuli because of it’s association with the Hindu deity Lord Hanuman (who represents service, loyalty and friendship) and because of the stone’s traditional association with the Third Eye Chakra in Eastern philosophy.

Lapis lazuli mala with flowers on stone background
Devacraft's top-selling Lapis Lazuli Mala design

The benefits of Lapis Lazuli

According to one of the leading crystal experts in the United States, Yulia Van Doren, Lapis Lazuli has been treasured by priests, holy healers and monks for countless centuries. Lapis Lazuli is a stone that is all about mental clarity and intuition. 

Lapis Lazuli form a mentaphysical connection with your brain and connects you to the intuitive and cognitive abilties of your past lives and ancestors. Through resonance with Lapis Lazuli, you will feel more awake and mentally acute.

Lapis Lazuli = Mental Clarity.

The Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyancy Mala


The Devacrafts Lapis Lazuli Mala is the perfect mala for meditation because Lapis Lazuli is believed to be a third eye chakra crystal. The third eye chakra is believed to govern intuition and foresight. In Tibetan philosophy, it is known as the ‘third eye’ and the spiritual center of the soul. Opening the chakra is said to deepen our intuitive powers and see beyond the veils of illusion.

For maximum quality control, the Devacrafts team personally inspects and selects the highest quality of Lapis Lazuli beads to make each of our malas. Only when Lapis Lazuli meeting our stringent requirements of color, luster and consistency do we allow it to be further processed and used in our malas.

This means that from now on you’ll never have to worry about fake or poor quality crystals that simply do not have the same spiritual energy as the real thing.

Dzi Beads – Guardians against Evil

As an exclusive bonus, four Dzi Beads have been incorporated into each mala. The Tibetans believe that these mysterious black and white stones have powerful spiritual protective powers. The circular ‘eyes’ of the bead are effective not only in blocking negative energies and bad luck but can absorb positive energy from its environment.

We are producing only 300 Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyancy Malas

Because of the difficulty we have sourcing Lapis Lazuli and Dzi beads, production of the Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyancy mala is extremely limited. We have already sold almost 200, so there is a little over 100 malas available. Once these are sold, we will no longer be producing any more of this design.

For a limited time, get your mala for less than $40 USD

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyancy Mala, but aren’t sure, that’s totally understandable. So let me make your decision easy, risk-free and, I hope, irresistible…

For less than $40 USD (or the equivalent of your local currency) you can purchase a pair of our flagship Lapis Lazuli mala. That is 40% less than our usual selling price.

What’s more, as part of this deal we are offering free worldwide shipping, something we have never done before…

I believe that once you see and appreciate the quality of the mala, and experience the benefits of mala meditation, you’ll be a loyal Devacrafts supporter for years to come and allow us to aid you on your personal spiritual journey.

$67.00 $39.80 (USD) with Free Shipping Worldwide

You are in safe hands with Devacrafts


We only sell the highest quality products made from genuine stones.


Guaranteed safe checkout through all major credit cards or Paypal


Unhappy with your order? Let us know within 14 days and we’ll take it back and refund you the cost!

Help us plant trees

The energy that runs through forests although runs through you. Forests provide us with precious oxygen that helps us fuel life.

Yet according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, millions of hectares of forest are lost annually due to deforestation.

That’s more forest than the size of Denmark and the Netherlands put together. Deforestation affects our wildlife, ecosystems and our client.

Devacrafts donates to the Eden Reforestation Project, a top-rated non-profit which has planted over 583 million trees. We donate enough to plant one tree for every order made.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our mala has 108 beads, and important and spiritual number in Tibetan culture.

Meditating with a mala is easy and can be learned in just 5 minutes. The following three steps are the exact three steps I was taught by a Buddhist monk in the Derpung Monastery of Tibet.

1. Get comfortable.

Find a place (on a cushion, chair, or the floor) where you can sit tall and comfortably. Hang the first mala bead gently on the middle finger or ring finger of your right hand. Place your thumb on the guru bead (the bead of the Mala that is larger than the rest).

2. Select your mantra.

Don’t over-think this: sit down to meditate and relax your mind. Often the appropriate word, quality or feeling will naturally come to your mind. If your mind needs guidance, you can start with an affirmation-based mantra. Affirmations are positive statements that can interrupt negative thought patterns, transforming them into a positive believe. For example, you can repeat to yourself “I am grounded” or “I am supported”.

3. Roll the mala beads.

At the end of each mantra, push the Mala bead away with your thumb and move onto the next bead for another round. When you reach the guru bead once again, pause, and take that as an opportunity to honor your guru or yourself for taking the time to meditate. If you wish to keep meditating, reverse the direction on your Mala, more repetitions in that direction until you reach the guru bead once again. Hold one of the beads between you thumb and index finger and as you meditate use the mala to turn the beads.

Each of our necklaces have four Dzi beads. Dzi beads are rare beads of unknown origin found in the mountains of Tibet. They are said to bring spiritual blessing and good fortune, and ward of spiritual evil.

Devacrafts provides free international shipping which will typically take 10 – 17 days to arrive. Customers in the United States should normally expect even faster shipping.

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Our Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyancy Mala is available for a limited time only.

Devacrafts is offering 40% off and free shipping – for now. Our previous experience is that we often run out of stock, resulting in customer complaints. We don’t want that to happen to you.