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This simple ancient technique has been used for centuries by Tibetan monks. Learning it will transform your life.

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I practiced meditating with the mala the way he taught me that very day, and too my surprise it worked! My mind still wondered now and then, but it was much, much, less than before. My meditation techniques improved in the days and weeks since, and suddenly I found myself looking forward to meditating, something I had never felt before.

The benefits extended to my everyday life as well. I felt more mentally awake and could concentrate better. I felt like I was less stressed about the future and preoccupied with bad memories from the past. For the first time in my life I felt present. My relationship to my partner, to family members and to my kids improved, because I was focused on being in the moment with them.

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Our mala has 108 beads, and important and spiritual number in Tibetan culture.

Meditating with a mala is easy and can be learned in just 5 minutes. The following three steps are the exact three steps I was taught by a Buddhist monk in the Derpung Monastery of Tibet.

1. Get comfortable.

Find a place (on a cushion, chair, or the floor) where you can sit tall and comfortably. Hang the first mala bead gently on the middle finger or ring finger of your right hand. Place your thumb on the guru bead (the bead of the Mala that is larger than the rest).

2. Select your mantra.

Don’t over-think this: sit down to meditate and relax your mind. Often the appropriate word, quality or feeling will naturally come to your mind. If your mind needs guidance, you can start with an affirmation-based mantra. Affirmations are positive statements that can interrupt negative thought patterns, transforming them into a positive believe. For example, you can repeat to yourself “I am grounded” or “I am supported”.

3. Roll the mala beads.

At the end of each mantra, push the Mala bead away with your thumb and move onto the next bead for another round. When you reach the guru bead once again, pause, and take that as an opportunity to honor your guru or yourself for taking the time to meditate. If you wish to keep meditating, reverse the direction on your Mala, more repetitions in that direction until you reach the guru bead once again. Hold one of the beads between you thumb and index finger and as you meditate use the mala to turn the beads.

Each of our necklaces have four Dzi beads. Dzi beads are rare beads of unknown origin found in the mountains of Tibet. They are said to bring spiritual blessing and good fortune, and ward of spiritual evil.

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