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108 Bead Dragon Blood Jasper Mala

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Product Description

Are you still waiting for that spark to motivate you into pursuing your goals? It will never come when you wait for it. That’s because it’s already inside of you and Dragon Blood Jasper can help you find it and experience it first-hand.

  • Made of all-natural Dragon Blood Jasper crystals. Dragon Blood Jasper is a stone of mystical qualities associated with the Heart and Root chakras.
  • 108 beads. 108 is considered a sacred number in Buddhism, said to represent new beginnings.
  • Tree of Life pendant. The pendant reminds us of the Buddha’s Bodhi Tree, and the importance of spiritual tranquility and balance.

We have crafted our Dragon Blood Jasper to improve the motivation, drive and determination of the wearer. Dragon Blood Jasper is a rare and mystical stone believed to be connected to the Heart and Root chakras and is believed to grant confidence in one’s abilities, courage and personal strength. It’s deep green represents a dragon’s tough skin whilst the deep red represents the dragon’s blood. Meditating with the mala will light your inner fire, helping you improve your confidence and focus and harness your inner abilities to attain success.

Dragon Blood Jasper is mined in the remote deserts of Central Australia, and is believed by Australian Aboriginal tribes to aid wearers in their journeys of self-discovery and self-love. Crystal healers believe that the stone has a unique frequency which helps bring the body and mind into a state of calm and help those in its proximity attain personal goals. By wearing the mala, you will find it easier to set and achieve goals by increasing focus and creativity. It is also said to increase physical strength, enhance fertility and relieve lower back pain.

A Dragon Blood Jasper mala design takes advantage of the stones strong grounding energies. As you meditate with the mala, you will feel healing and spiritual growth as the stones connect to the Earth’s Kundalini energy.

Affirmation: Use confidence-enhancing mantras such as “I am more than capable of achieving success”  to reinforce your own abilities.

Product features

  • Hand inspected, quality Dragon Blood Jasper
  • Length – approximately 26 inches (65 cm)
  • 0.24 inches (6 mm) stone

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Reviews (1)

1 review for 108 Bead Dragon Blood Jasper Mala

  1. Richard Cross

    Took me a while to like this necklace, but I now love it. Only complaint is it being threaded on an elasticised cord.

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