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Amethyst Pendant of Tranquility

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This pendant is made using a stunning natural Amethyst crystal, which symbolizes the Crown Chakra – a powerful chakra when it comes to purifying the mind and cleansing it of negative energy.

Amethyst is considered a symbol of the spirits Lakshmi and Kubera, and is amongst the most powerful of crystals, desirable for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and transcendent calmness of mind. As you meditate wearing the Crystal of Tranquility, you may feel the anxieties and stresses accumulated over months and sometimes even years dissolve.

 Through the practice of consistent meditation within the proximity of Amethyst, you can place yourself into a sense of inner tranquillity and inner balance. With your crown energies awaken, you will be able to see and anticipate negative energies and be able to prevent them from effecting and corroding your inner energies. With inner tranquillity comes true perception of the world around you, allowing you be wiser and more purposeful in your actions, and be able to accomplish anything.

All in all, the Amethyst Pendant of Tranquillity is the perfect item for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and desiring the ability to feel calm and balanced when faced everyday with new struggles, however big or small.

Product features:

  • Amethyst crystal: Amethyst is a symbol of the crown chakra, known for its calming energy and ability to reduce stress and improve memory and concentration.
  • Size: crystal of about 1.2 inches (30 mm)
  • Weight: about 0.9 oz (25 grams)

Since we use natural Amethyst crystals, each and every one crystal is unique and slightly different in terms of shape, color and size.



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