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Aurora Quartz Tree of Life Necklace

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This stunning necklace is hand-crafted using Aurora Quartz, also known as “Rainbow Quartz” or “Mystic Quartz”. Aurora Quartz is said to combine the spiritual properties of both quartz and titanium, and so is considered one of the most powerful crystals, desirable to all who seek spiritual enlightenment and unlock hidden spiritual potential.

Aurora Quartz is often considered a manifestation crystal. Because it contains all the colors of the rianbow within it, it is able to stimulate all seven chakra energies, making it easier to bring manifestations into reality. As you consistently meditate using the crystal, you may find that your ideas, thoughts and desires take shape in the physical world.

Devacrafts recommends meditating with the crystal laying down, with the crystal placed on your belly button, which is the physical seat of your solar plexus chakra. Concentrate on breathing in each color of the crystal, counting seven breaths as you activate the energies of each of the seven chakras. After counting, picture the manifestation you desire in your head as vividly as possible – the crystal will ‘absorb’ the manifestation intent and radiate it outwards over the next few hours.

Aurora Quartz is also known as a symbol for hope and positive energy, making it the perfect crystal for those who feel somewhat ‘stuck’, as its ability to manifest desires and absorb negative energies help to provide a new outlook and an environment where positive change is facilitated.

Product features: 

  • Aurora Quartz: Aurora Quartz contains the seven colors of the rainbow and so is able to stimulate all seven chakras.
  • Size: crystal of approximately 1.25 inches (32 mm) with 30 inch (760 mm) necklace.

Since we use natural Aurora Quartz crystals, each and every one crystal is unique and slightly different in terms of shape, color and size.



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