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Crystal Tree of Life

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  • Amethyst Leaves. Amethyst is a mystical crystal known for its ability to calm the body and mind and extend your awareness beyond the material plane.
  • Agate Base. Agate is a stabilizing crystal representing grounding, harmony and balance.
  • Tree of Life Symbol. The Tree of Life reminds us of the Buddha’s Bodhi Tree. It represents growth, grounding and fertility.

We carefully designed and crafted this Amethyst crystal “wish-manifesting” Tree of Life for to enhance the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our customers. Amethyst has been treasured for countless generations by crystal lovers. It is a healing crystal, which helps us unplug from unhealthy attachment and powerfully cleanse the body and mind from negative or addictive patterns. This makes the Amethyst Tree of Life ideal for those suffering doubt and worry, whatever the reason, and those seeking improved sleep quality. They are especially effective when placed frequently inhabited areas, as they bring calming and healing energies to those within proximity.

According to Tibetan philosophy, Amethyst is also a crystal of transcendence, which can heighten psychic powers and strengthen connections to the mystical and transcendent. This makes the Amethyst Tree of Life ideal for those who seek knowledge and leanings which cannot be granted by our ordinary senses.

Due to their traditional association with shared fortune and ability to improve energy, vitality and mental wellbeing, they make excellent gifts for friends and loved ones. Those who hold or are within the presence of the trees can feel their spirits elevated to a higher level and their tension reduce.

One of our few truly essential designs for crystal lovers, our Amethyst trees of Life blesses everyone and everything within its energy field.


  • Width: Approximately 100 mm (4 inches)
  • Height: Approximately 90 mm (3.6 inches)
  • Weight: Approximately 75 grams (2.6 oz)



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Kirsty Azhar

Crystal Tree of Life


I always pray for the day that I can have one of these and I'm creating an altar at first I want to place these on altar so I am excited I'm ordering something gifts and I'm ordering something for me