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Earth Spirit Manifestation Hematite Mala

$78.00 AUD - Free Shipping

Are you trying to take your style to the next level? The hematite mala is a powerful protective piece that is sure to turn some heads.

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Did you know that hematite is the main component of the core of the Earth? That’s right, the core of the planet is literally made of molten, glowing hematite!

Hematite is considered a powerful emblem of the Root Chakra and as such is often used to stabilize and ground, as well as for protection. It connects us deeply to the Earth’s stability and reminds us to trust and surrender to the universe. It’s heavy weight (hematite is made up of 70% iron) helps to ground and center the consciousness.

Mantras: Use mantras that inspire security, such as “I am safe and always feel protected“.

Product features

  • Natural hematite
  • Length – approximately 34 inches (86 cm)
  • 0.25 inches (6 mm) stone

Caution: natural hematite contains a very slight magnetic charge. Please consult your doctor before wearing this mala if you wear a pacemaker.


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Michael Starkings

Just received my order. All the necklaces are beautifully made. The order arrived quickly and was packaged safely and securely. Many thanks.