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Tree of Life Bracelets – Two for One

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Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life Bracelet

The spiritual wrist mala to help you visualize and manifest your dreams.

Amethyst Tree of Life Bracelet

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For the first time ever, we are offering two of our most popular products in a two-for-one deal. This deal will only be valid for this week – after that it will be gone!

  • The Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life Bracelet – made of Lapis Lazuli, a beautiful stone symbolizing insight and perception.
  • The Amethyst Tree of Life Bracelet – made of Amethyst, a mystical crystal symbolizing protection.

We have carefully paired our Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst Tree of Life Bracelets together because we believe this combination can effectively improve the wearer’s connection to the magical and mystical.

Amethyst is a protective crystal which helps us unplug from unhealthy attachments like overeating or poor sleep habits, reminding us to always treat the body and mind as a sacred temple. It is also a very help crystal for warding off insomnia and nightmares. According to the world-reknowned crystal expert Yulia Van Doren, amethyst is also a stone of transcendence which can strengthen your connection to the mystical and magical.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone of perception associated with the spirit of Lord Hanuman and believed to grant visualisation ability. It helps open the Third Eye, thereby enhancing mental and intuitive abilities such as clairvoyancy, prophecy and coincidence control. It is also believed to enhance the cognitive abilities of the wearer. Many of our customers report feeling more awake and mentally alert when wearing Lapis Lazuli.

Wearing our Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst Tree of Life Bracelets together, or alternating them on different days, is an effective means of strenghthing your connection to all things spiritual whilst helping you break bad habits and improve memory and concentration.



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