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Yoga teacher shares secret technique which uses Lapis Lazuli to help her students open their Third Eye.

"I've taught meditation and mindfulness to CEOs and politicians for hundreds of dollars a session. But if I could only teach one this, it would be this."

The Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyancy Mala

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Lapis Lazuli is the most beautiful crystal of all. It's the best crystal for spiritual practice.

Renowned Healer says "In my opinion, Lapis Lazuli is one of the most potent crystals. It's perhaps the crystal which is best able to absorb spiritual energy."

The Devacrafts Lapis Lazuli Mala

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Customer Reviews

Susan Butterfield
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Great service on this beautiful lapis lazuli mala. The quality can be both seen and felt. I am delighted with my purchase and will buy another for a dear friend.
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Thank you, for this nice necklace, it came as was described, shipped very promptly too.
Richard Cross
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Love the colour of this necklace and it is quickly becoming my favourite. Highly recommended!!
Francesca Castaldi-Salas
Read More
This mala is very beautiful. I tend not to buy online, but I am glad I took a chance. Every bead is of good quality and I love the finishing. A joy to wear.
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Arrived in a few days,really beautiful, just a sunbeam in my day!Staff very kind. I will buy again. Very recommended
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Lapis Lazuli I just absolutely love My Mandala 💙 I wear it when going out into the Unknow to keep Negative Energy at Bay & I feel so Protected Thank you I will be ordering The Turquoise Mala in the next few days Gratitude 🙏 Margaret
Christina Gott
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What a beautiful, hand crafted piece of jewellery! It’s a necklace that I get very good vibes from, and I shall be very happy to wear time and time again.
Susan Haynes
Read More
So pleased with this. Arrived much quicker than expected and delighted with the depth of colour and workmanship for the price, thank you
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Very very nice, excellently done and perfect for meditation!
Mikhail Cannon
Read More
Beautiful necklace, vivid colours like the photos show online. Arrived quite quickly. I love wearing it xxx
Dawn Ravenhill
Read More
🙏 The Mala beads are lovely. I’m more than happy and thankful for them. I received 2, rather than just the one I believe I ordered. This could well be my own fault, as I’m not thinking straight following the death of my father. Not even sure if I’ve paid for one or two. However, I’ll gift the second one to the sister who stood at my side throughout some of the most difficult days of my life. Dawn Ravenhill’s x
Dyann Thomas
Read More
It’s a lovely necklace .. i was not disappointed .. you never know when you order .. but i love this thank for putting in the pouch

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Devacrafts is based in Sydney, Australia but we are proud to serve customers all over the world. We are a passionate team were inspired by Tibetan Buddhism and want to bring spiritual positivity to more people around the globe.  We are passionate about crystals and mala jewelry.

Meditating with a mala is believed to be up to four times more effective than meditating without one this is because turning the beads of the mala gives the mind something to concentrate on as you meditate.

Step one of meditating with a mala is to find a comfortable location where you feel relaxed and free from distractions. Get comfortable and hold the guru bead (the largest bead of the mala) between you thumb and index finger. As you meditate use your thumb to push each bead away from you. If you wish, you can recite a mantra (such as “I trust in myself”) every time you push a bead.

When you complete 108 beads, you’ll return to the the guru bead. At that point you may choose to stop meditating, or you may reverse the direction of your mala and continue on.

Our mala has 108 beads, and important and spiritual number in Tibetan culture. The number 108 is thought to represent spiritual growth and symbolize the unity and wholeness of existence.

Each Lapis Lazuli bead is 0.32 inches (8 mm) in size.

Each of our necklaces have four Dzi beads. Dzi beads are rare beads of unknown origin found in the mountains of Tibet. They are said to bring spiritual blessing and good fortune, and ward of spiritual evil.

Yes! All Devacrafts products are made with quality 100% natural stone. We offer full refunds if you are unhappy with the quality of our product’s materials.

Devacrafts provides free international shipping which will typically take 7 – 15 days to arrive. Customers in the United States should normally expect even faster shipping.

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us at support@devacrafts.com for a full refund of your initial order.

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