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The 7 Best Root Chakra Crystals

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Anyone can struggle with a root chakra deficiency. Whether you are dealing with constant stress, a dangerous environment, lived in poverty, or experienced a traumatic event – all of that could impair your root chakra. If this reminds you of yourself, we recommend learning more about the various types of root chakra crystals

It is up to you to restore that balance and set your body on the right healing path. With the help of different root chakra crystals and the proper chakra knowledge, you will be able to unblock that negative energy and achieve both a spiritual and emotional balance.

What is the root chakra?

When we embark on a journey to open our chakras, the first place to start would be with the root chakra. Commonly referred to as the “root of all things,” the root chakra is directly linked with our basic human needs. It directs our senses of stability, dedication, strength, and safety. It is responsible for our self-preservation and sensibility.

But, most importantly, it is bound with our basic instincts – the need to thrive and survive. The impact of the chakra, however, moves beyond our need to eat, drink, and find shelter. Instead, it revolves around the concepts of community, wealth, physical and emotional health.

When there are no “roots” in our body or positive feelings that we hold on to, we compromise our chakras. So, we end up creating blockages that misalign our spirit, mind, and body. 

Problems Caused by a Blocked Root Chakra

When the root chakra is blocked, it generates an unstable energy flow in the entire system. However, it also has a direct impact on our feelings and emotions. It makes us feel restless and in dire search of our identity.

The blockage is often recognized by:

  • Feelings of abandonment
  • Lack of focus
  • Unrest
  • Co-dependence
  • Anxiety
  • Suspicion
  • Frustration
  • Greed

As a result, people have trouble settling down. To heal, you would need to pay close attention to all your actions, emotions, and thoughts. You need to work on everything that is throwing your mind out of balance.

How do you unblock the Root Chakra?

The good thing is, there are many methods that can help with your spiritual healing. When you want to work specifically with the root chakra, yoga can prove useful. When followed by a root chakra practice and meditation, you can get your alignment back on track. However, to give the chakra the support it needs, a stable foundation, protection, and stability, you need different root chakra crystals. They are an excellent source of benefits.

7 Best Root Chakra Crystals for Healing

Red jasper was known as the “life-force” crystal in ancient Egypt. Learn more about our red jasper mala design.

Plenty of crystals are associated with the root chakra. But, only a couple are considered the best choice for spiritual healing. They have their own benefits and impact. To make the most of them and the effects they can offer, it is critical to know about each and every one.

Red Jasper

Known as the “life-force” in ancient Egypt, this crystal was thought to be connected to the Mother Goddess, Isis. It is a symbol of life, energy, strength, and resilience. Its bright red color is what resonates with the color of the chakra. Learn more about red jasper and view our beautiful red jasper mala necklace here.

Mahogany Obsidian

This mix of Black Obsidian and Hematite forms a stunning crystal. Although it resonates with gentle energy, it provides people with the comfort they need. In fact, it is believed to restore the connection to the planet’s energy, our confidence, and connect us to our roots.


Famous for its deep black color, the onyx has an interesting reputation. This is the very first stone that was cited in the Genesis of the Bible, and it’s said to have some amazing properties. People considered it a strong protector, capable of sharpening your senses. It’s the go-to choice for root chakra because it provides a stable flow of energy and ensures safety.


Bloodstone has a unique dark green and red coloring. Source: Moonrise Crystals.

The dark hue and red undertone make the bloodstone a perfect fit for the root chakra. It is said to be a strong source of physical energy and vitality. Valued by the ancient Greeks, this stone was used for its blood and organ detoxification properties and healing.


This crystal of harmony can restore emotional balance and give people a sense of belonging. It can stimulate the chakra and ensure a steady energy flow – the two things you need to unblock your root chakra. Based on Greek mythology, Garnet has the potential to help lovers heal their emotional wounds.

Brown Jasper

Even though it comes in all kinds of shades, this crystal is great for enhancing your connection with Mother Nature. It is closely connected to Earth and can assist with your spiritual healing.

Black Tourmaline

The primary purpose of this crystal is to protect people from dangerous and destructive forces, including negative spirits and emotions. That is why it is viewed as the crystal of protection. Its stability and flow of energy can cleanse your chakra and help you obtain the results you’ve been looking for.

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