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The Meaning and Healing Properties of Red Jasper

Polished red jasper stones

Red Jasper is thought to have a metaphysical connection with the planet Earth, making it an effective grounding stone. The stone is known for its ability to empower a person, leading to better emotional strength and well-being. The stone is also associated with properties such as courage, and it is an ideal option for people who need to recover their spirit after a period of stress or even abuse.

In this post, we take a look at the meaning and healing properties of Red Jasper. We consider who should wear this gem, why it is worn, and the best ways to wear it in general. We also help you understand where the stone comes from and what made it a popular option today.

A brief history of Red Jasper

In ancient Egypt, Red Jasper was associated with the Goddess Isis and incorporated into amulets.

Jasper is a type of gemstone that has gained popularity throughout the world. It comes in different colors, with Red Jasper being a particularly popular one. Some populations have looked upon the Red Jasper as being a sacred gemstone.

In ancient Egypt, Red Jasper gained an association with Isis and was thus used to prepare amulets. These amulets were hung on people who passed away. Some have suggested that the stone was also included in the design of Aaron’s breastplate.

The Red Jasper is a bit different in appearance from other ones. While most Jasper gemstones have chalcedony and spots, the Red Jasper is known to be more of a solid color than the rest of its family.

Health properties of Red Jasper

Red Jasper is said to help empower body and spirit. As a gemstone symbolically connected to the Root Chakra, it is, similar to other Jasper stones, connects directly with planet Earth. Being connected to the first, ‘root’ chakra, the stone possesses purification ability – helping to purify and cleanse each of the major chakras that are found in the human body.

In addition to serving as a cleansing stone for chakras, the Red Jasper is known to help provide enhanced alignment of the root chakra. Over the years, the root chakra may become unbalanced and misaligned which can cause problems in a person’s day-to-day life such as an increased sense of fear and reduced confidence. By balancing the root chakra, there is an improvement in a person’s confidence and sense of security when wearing a Red Jasper gemstone.

The Red Jasper is also a stone that helps to balance both spiritual and physical energies. These are also commonly misaligned. Signs that there is not a proper balance between energies include:

  • A lower enthusiasm than normal.
  • A person may not be as active as usual.
  • There may be a consistent feeling of lethargy.

When the Red Jasper is used while there is a misalignment in the spiritual and physical energies, people often find that they gain an increase in stamina and strength.

Meditating with Red Jasper

Red Jasper is often included in meditation practice. Meditating with the gemstone is said to bring about numerous potential benefits and can help those who feel unsure how to handle a situation where something seems unjust.

Red Jasper is used during meditation to help shed light on difficult situations. People can effectively clear their minds with the stone and gain new insights into their current circumstances. When this happens, it is easier to identify problems that need immediate attention – avoiding a delay in action and ensuring these issues do not cause serious complications in the future.

Another way that the Red Jasper helps during meditation is by promoting feelings of calmness. This brings about better harmony in both physical and spiritual energies, ensuring one is able to clear their mind and forget about stressors in their current situation.

Recovering from negative events

Healing of spiritual energy is another thing to consider with the Red Jasper stone. It is said that the stone has the potential to help heal a broken spirit. A person can utilize the stone to help them overcome a negative event in their past. It can be used to help prevent a person from moving back to bad habits or unhealthy patterns that they used to follow in the past. Instead, the individual gains the opportunity to look forward and focus on what happens in the future.

When looking at this particular stone, it is important to consider more than the type of gem it is. Viewing the color and the meaning of the red shading should be important as well. Red is a color generally associated with energy and passion, as well as life itself. It is the color associated with both blood and fire.

How should I wear Red Jasper?

A mala, or beaded necklace, is a simple and elegant way to wear red jasper. Pictured is the our Red Jasper Spiritual Grounding Mala.

Various recommendations have been made related to the wearing of Red Jasper gemstones. Gemstones are often versatile. One can generally wear them as one sees fit. With certain stones, however, following specific guidelines may help amplify the health properties. This is the case with Red Jasper.

One type of jewelry to incorporate Red Jasper is a bracelet. The stone should be embedded into the bracelet and then worn on the left wrist. It is often believed that energy tends to enter the body at this side of the body. As energy flows into the body, it gets purified by the stone – especially when worn on the left wrist. Similarly, necklaces made using Red Jasper can be worn, allowing energy to enter through the heart. Buddhist style mala necklaces made using Red Jasper can be a particularly meaningful and spiritual type of necklace.


Empowerment and courage are two of the main properties and meanings associated with the Red Jasper. The stone is one of the most solid-colored ones in the Jasper family and was once looked upon as being sacred. It is also a protective gemstone, with properties believed to help people remain grounded. Wearing Red Jasper is said to be most effective when specific methods are followed, with bracelets generally being the preferred jewelry type.

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