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The Meaning and Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Closeup of polished lapis lazuli stone

Lapis Lazuli is thought to have a strong connection to cosmic energies and is associated with the energies of heaven. It is believed to be a protective stone, capable of warding off any influences in a person’s life that will bring about a negative impact.

The history of Lapis Lazuli

Historically, one of the main sources for these crystals, particularly when looking at higher-quality stones, has been Afghanistan. In fact, this has been the home of higher quality Lapis Lazuli crystals for multiple centuries.

Lapis Lazuli stone is not something new to the world, however. Some researchers have found data that links the crystal to about 6,500 years in the past. Lapis Lazuli was adored and used by several ancient civilizations. Civilizations that have used Lapis Lazuli include China, Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.

Today, Lapis Lazuli still remains a popular stone. People often turn to this stone due to the protective properties associated with it. It’s beautiful appearance another reason why people decide to include it in the jewelry of all sorts.

What does ‘Lapis Lazuli’ even mean?

Artifacts made using Lapis Lazuli have been found in ancient Egyption tombs. Source: The Collector.

Lapis Lazuli is more commonly referred to as the Lapis gem. This makes it simpler to refer to the stone. The term Lapis Lazuli refers to the color of the stone. The term translates to bluestone – which is exactly what the Lapis Lazuli is.

Something many people don’t know about Lapis Lazuli is that the name actually originates from two different languages. Most gemstones have a name that originates from just one language. The term Lapis comes from Latin and translates to stone. The second part of the word, Lazuli, is derived from a Persian word, Lazhward. This word translates to blue.

Healing properties of Lapis Lazuli

The color of Lapis Lazuli stone has a strong connection to water. In fact, the stone is thought to represent the element of water. Apart from its appearance, there are numerous potential benefits that people believe comes from wearing Lapis Lazuli.

While some stones focus on providing both physical and mental healing properties, things are a bit different with Lapis Lazuli. This stone rather holds a strong focus on providing healing properties that reach the soul.

These gems are often treasured for the unique energies they give off. When a person wears Lapis Lazuli, the stone will help to align the vibrations given off by the body and the soul. This will essentially create a range of healthier vibrations – thought to bring about positivity to a person’s life. The stone is also associated with the truth. People believe that wearing the stone helps to bring out the truth of a person – their true self.

The stone of intuition?

Lapis Lazuli has historically been associated with the third eye chakra, which governs cognitive intuition, and as a result is a stone with a strong association with mental health. People who wear jewelry equipped with this stone may experience enhanced intelligence. This may have a positive effect on decisions that the person makes during their day-to-day lives. These decisions are also thought to bring about greater success – perhaps you are looking to advanced in your career, or maybe you want to make a complete switch.

Protective Properties of Lapis Lazuli

The protective properties of Lapiz Lazuli is often one of the very first benefits that people talk about if they become interested in the gem. The Lapis Lazuli is a crystal believed to expel negativity from the spirit and a person’s life. When you wear this crystal, you may find that there is less negativity collecting in your life. Existing negative energy in your life may also start to dissipate.

Calming Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is associated with the cosmos and the heavens. Wearing the gem is said to bring about feelings of calmness. It can calm an angry or frustrated soul and help you think more clearly. Due to the connection with the cosmic energies, it also makes sense that wisdom and intelligence are also linked to the stone.

How to wear Lapis Lazuli

The Devacrafts Lapis Lazuli mala can be worn as an elegant necklace

There are a number of options for wearing the crystal. Many people decide to get jewelry that contains the stone. You can decide to use a necklace when trying to focus on your career, or perhaps a bracelet when targeting your health. Our Lapis Lazuli Clairvoyance Mala is a beautiful mala necklace made using Lapis Lazuli, and our Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life Bracelet is a beautiful Lapis Lazuli bracelet.

Some people also prefer to add Lapis Lazuli crystals to their altar. Another option is to simply keep the crystal on the bedside table. This would ensure the stone remains close to you while sleeping.

The cosmic stone

The main properties associated with Lapis Lazuli stone include protection and intuition. The crystal is thought to protect the wearer against negativities and harm. It is also said to ward off any negativity that a person may come to face in their life. When worn, the crystal is also said to help purify all of the low energy waves that are expelled by the body and enhance our minds ability to perceive and understand things as they are, not merely how they appear on the surface.

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