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The Meaning and Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Closeup of natural rose quartz crystals

Some crystals are renowned for the healing properties associated with them. Others are beloved for the beautiful appearance. When looking at Rose Quartz, both really apply to the crystal. It is a stylish crystal that features a pinkish tone. The stone is semi-transparent, and the hexagonal system seen in the crystal makes it quite unique. In addition to being a natural beauty, Rose Quartz possesses rich meaning and interesting healing properties.

The history of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is part of a bigger crystal family. The Quartz family of crystals holds a rich history that dates back to ancient Egypt. Along with other Quartz crystals, the Rose Quarts was often used in the creation of talismans. These talismans were said to help prevent the process of aging in the human body. Rose Quartz beads were also discovered in Mesopotamia, or Iraq as we know it today. It is estimated that these beads date back to as long ago as 7000 BC.

Between 600 and 800 BC, Assyrians were known to craft jewelry that included Rose Quartz crystals too.

Throughout history, many associations have been made with the Rose Quartz. Even today, it still remains one of the primary healing crystals that people turn to. Many people also wear jewelry that contains Rose Quartz purely for the aesthetics offered by this pink gemstone.

As one can imagine, the name Rose Quartz has a strong relation to the appearance of the crystal. One can immediately see why it is called “Rose” – and, of course, the crystal forms part of the Quartz family. The Quartz part of the name, similar to other crystals in this family, comes from a Greek word. The word “Hyalos” was used to form the Quartz family’s description. Translated, Hyalos means glass – quite an accurate description of the appearance seen in any Quartz crystal.

Four healing properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is said to help replenish lost love.

The main healing properties associated with Rose Quartz crystal generally include the association that the stone holds to love and similar feelings. It is said that this crystal can help to replenish lost love in relationships and help two spouses become closer together than ever before.

Rose Quartz crystal is known to be incredibly rich in various minerals found on the planet. This is why the crystal is often associated with healing properties too.

There are a few types of healing properties associated with Rose Quartz. When you have found yourself interested in this magnificent crystal, it is important that you understand what it offers. The crystal is said to have both physical and emotional healing aspects, as well as being ideal for mental health.

Below, we explore some of the benefits that may come when wearing rose quartz:

  • It is often thought that a blocked heart chakra can be fixed by simply wearing a necklace that contains a Rose Quartz. This is the case when the blocked chakra is caused by a relationship. Perhaps you were hurt in the past and now find it difficult to trust people. You may feel jealous, or there could be problems in your relationship. By unblocking the heart chakra, rose quartz may help you overcome these issues.
  • The crystal is thought to have a deep vibration that comes from the goddess. It is said to be a feminine crystal and holds the ability to bring about peace in your life. This is the first step to self-healing, soothing your soul and spirit, and paving a path for the healing process to begin.
  • Rose quartz may also yield physical health benefits. It is said to be an excellent option for protecting the heart. In fact, some even believe that rose quartz may prevent heart attacks, provide a boost in your blood circulation, and make your heart muscle stronger.
  • The feminine connection yielded by rose quartz also makes it a preferred crystal to wear among pregnant mothers. It is said that the crystal helps to protect a mother, as well as the unborn baby, during the term of pregnancy. The crystal is also believed to help a mother create a stronger bond with her newborn baby.

People who have gone through emotional trauma, particularly due to negative events happening in a relationship, may also turn to a Rose Quartz. The strong connection that rose quartz has to love and compassion will help the person heal. The stone is said to help target the deeper wounds that often have lasting effects on your spirit.

Those who simply cannot seem to find love also turn to rose quartz. Apart from the healing properties, it is said that rose quartz crystal also helps to attract love to a person. It is often worn around the neck or carried around by people who are having a hard time finding someone special in their own lives.

How and where to wear Rose Quartz?

The primary chakra associations with rose quartz lies at the heart and the neck. The crystal is associated with a reduced blockage of the heart chakra and may also assist in healing the throat chakra. Due to these associations, you should consider wearing a necklace that contains rose quartz.

The position provided by a necklace ensures rose quartz crystal stays close to your heart. It is, after all, a protective crystal for the heart itself. This position is also ideal for balancing the crystal between the throat and the heart chakra – ensuring both can benefit from the stone’s presence.

The crystal of love and compassion

Rose quartz crystal has become popular for the association with compassion and feelings of love. The tone of the crystal is pinkish and often described as blushing. It is generally described as one of the more feminine crystals in existence. The crystal is said to be beneficial for both the throat and the heart chakras, making it the ideal addition to necklaces.

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