About Us

Devacrafts is a spiritual jewelry company based in Texas, USA, with customers all around the world. We know you’re deserving of your own unique path to happiness, health and spiritual wellbeing. Our malas and other products are produced from only the finest gems, stones and crystals, carefully designed to help you on your spiritual journey.

We believe jewelry isn’t just about looking good. A good piece is a spiritual item which reminds us to live life with intention.


That’s why each product has been hand-picked for a variety of uses – to improve focus, invite abundance into your life, to deconstruct energy blockages – whatever you seek during moments of prosperity.

We understand just how important it is to shield your aura in a world often filled with chaos and noise. Whether you’re feeling imbalanced, need help repelling negativity, or just need a cleanse, returning to the protective properties of nature’s divine tools is key.

Deeply rooted in quality

Try using our crystal malas during your next meditation, or our collection of crystal Trees of Life to provide your home with an element of peace and spirituality.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured with the knowledge that our designs use only the highest quality crystals and other materials, so you can focus on developing a balanced mind, body and spirit.